Friday, January 8

Bath bathe and the art of washing oneself...

English can sometimes drive us crazy. I started to take it up seriously not long ago. It was on one those occasions that I encountered my blessed ‘bath’. Bath looks a humble pie to crack. But believe me, it is full of fun to see someone stuck in a bath.
Some years ago, it so happened, that I was heading an assignment with a real estate developer. Having sold a villa to an NRI based in UK, he faxed me that he wanted all his comfort-rooms to have a bath. It took me a little time to understand what my UK client really wanted: he wished to install a long narrow container that people sit or lie to wash themselves. But then in a project where there was so much scarcity for water, how he be running a bath so lavishly anyway? To have a bath in a bath when there is so little to run a bath can be challenging! Oh! But I was told later that it is the Britons who have a bath. Instead, the Americans prefer to take a bath!
Fixing an ‘e’ to bath makes bathe out of bath. This is a trickier act. Well, you will agree with me that to bathe in a wave than in a pool makes life more adventurous. Bathe can also mean just washing oneself in a bath. Do you know that both the Britons and the Americans prefer to bathe a wound before dressing it up?
I came to know only recently that bath could be cruel to some. Well, many Americans took a bath last year when one smart old guy from the Wall Street, called Bernard Madoff, made off with lots of their wealth. That is a different kind of bath altogether!!