Monday, January 3

... my boat

When I am on my boat, I try best to find out how I am going. I want a picture of my boat sturdily pulling through the backwaters. Of course, I cannot walk out of the boat and turn back to take a ‘click’, to take a photograph.  I try going round and round the limited space on the deck to find some way I can shoot a picture of my boat streaming through the water. But I find not my boat... but lots of others boats. In frustration, I click here and there from the deck to get the best of other boats... but not my boat.

After boat journey, I realised a golden truth: sitting in my boat, I will never discover my own goings in different perspectives. It takes others to tell me if I my goings are well... if I am overloaded... if I am getting lost. Sitting in my boat, I can easily find the best in other’s boat and the worst in other’s boat. And I need to listen to someone yelling at me from another boat, “Hi! Your boat is taking water!” or an accolade, “Oh, what a great going it is!”

Often it takes a ‘going out’ to take a relook at our own boat... 
I got to walk out of my dwellings to relook at my life. 
Is that why a pilgrimage holds good even in modern times? 
Is that why I got to drop the regular routine and walk away to distant places? 
Is that why I have to walk away to greater heights so that I can take a different ‘look’ upon my life?