Sunday, April 21

Easter , once more !

Why  I like Easter more than a Christmas? 

There is always a feeling of renewal at every Easter. But I ask, "Why do I like Easter more than a Christmas?" 

Yes, Easter can be a time of the season when we can think of a reborn experience. Life is all about repeated attempts to do things correctly, ... life is all about going back to basics and getting our aims and dreams once again placed in order. If we cannot go back, or if we cannot learn from the mistakes, or redo something for better, then we are destined to live in a ship which is going nowhere. It need not be a big act ... it can be doing the most ordinary in an extraordinary can be trusting in our own resources and not depending on others for each and everything around.   

The question  I ask myself on this Easter is simple: How have I lived up to myself? Often, an event like the Biblical Easter gives us a window of opportunity to make a renewal... a transformation or a change for the better. Shamefully, with a feeling of sorrow for betterment,  I look at the past year and examine if I can resurrect my dreams and joys now on this Easter day ...
If Jesus can win to make us immortal to death, by giving us the spirit of renewal, can't we go back to little acts in our daily lives which will add up to our victory? Life ahead is all tough, rough and gravel. But, may the spirit of Easter give us the joy to live a renewed life with a new light of ambition.