Thursday, December 30

The final mistake...

At the end of a year, it is only natural for me to sum up the best and the worst of the days that I traversed in 2010.  At 45 years of age and when a year is passing away, it is pragmatic to believe that the best of my youth has been journeyed.  Yet, what is the biggest fear in my life? What do I fear in the coming days and years?

My much loved author, Rev. Henri J Nouwen, writes about a ‘final mistake” that he was much afraid.  He says: I feel deeply moved by the image of a defeated goalkeeper. All his great performance will be forgotten in light of the one mistake that cost his team a cup. Similarly, after a long and fruitful life, one unhappy event, one mistake, one sin, one failure can be enough to create a lasting memory of defeat. For what will we be remembered? For our many acts of kindness, generosity, courage, and love or for the one mistake we made toward the end? “Yes, he was fabulous, but he failed." "Yes, she was a saintly person, but she sinned." "Yes, they were great, but at the end they disappointed us."

Can I keep away from any ‘final mistake” ?