Tuesday, July 28

The Striking Beauty

One of the striking beauty of the Himalayan plains is the veritable conflagration of colours that blazes across the heavens that overlook these plains. It is a striking and superb scene. Never in my life have I seen sky so vibrant and colourful. As sun’s light ray falls on the snow, the story becomes more romantic.
In the slanting rays of the setting sun the sky colours reflect on the snow. They take a delicate rosy tint...then it changes to darker shades of pink, red and gold. What a spectrum of colour that God is offering to us for enjoying His beauty! Unbelievable for my eyes!
The mountains look like a young bride, inviting us for her wedding! Strange as it is, I believe that this play of colour is the gift that Himalaya gives to her lovers. Then... soon this heavenly kaleidoscope changes... again like the sari changing ceremony of the bride in an Indian wedding... sky takes the colour of gray patches of bare rocks. I ask, “Is it a wedding in the sky which is taking place?”

Often, I wanted to hold on to the time and space...hold on to the fast changing colors...hold on to the slipping moments that passed so soon in front of me. But no...God has another set of story for me tomorrow...another love-theme for my heart to mince...and another mile to teak.

Location : All photos from my trek to the Mighty Himalayas.Photo Credit: These brilliant photos are by Mr. Saurangshu, my friend on the trek, without whom my trek would have been a little poorer

... a strange obsession to marry

I have found this quotation from London Models very interesting and good to remember. Sometimes it comes to me again and again and I laugh at it :
"For an artist to marry his model is as fatal as for a gourmet to marry his cook, the one gets no sittings, and the other gets no dinners.... " (London Models...Oscar Wilde)