Sunday, March 1

Tea with love and smile....

Lord...thanks for the joy of tea. You are in my thoughts as I prepare my tea and pray. Wash the tea pot ideally with piping hot water. Thank you Lord for the people who made it... for the soil and the water...for the sun and the rain... for wind and the warmth,... for the days that matured the leaves and for the hands that plucked it. You are the Master of all that and more. Add one teaspoon of tea leaves per cup. You allowed me to wait till the bright sun glowed and the darkness brought the coolness on the hills of this tea garden... Pour freshly boiled water over the leaves and cover with lid. And Lord, as I make this tea, give me the taste and the punch...the colour and the fragrance, means so much for us! Allow infusion for 3 to 5 minutes and then pour the tea out through a strainer into china cups. Lord, thanks for the morning of this day. May my cup of tea give me all the liveliness and freshness to go out into the world...and. help me Lord be just as I am... Tea served with love and smile taste best!!