Monday, December 13

.... walk they do!

Rains are over. In the morning, I find everyone on the road has a reason to walk. I see the newspaper boy carrying his load of news to every passing home. Then there are the temple walkers and the mosque walkers. One person in particular has caught my attention most: he swings his hands and takes brisk steps. May be he is combining his heavenly intention with his fat-burning efforts. From the opposite direction, another group looks colourful. However, they are definitely overweight... and most of them gossip loudly. I hear them laugh and giggle. Guess who they are? The lady-club members!  Overweight and perfume clad,  they believe that striding through neighbouring roads early hours of the morning will do them good. Nevertheless I respect them.  I wonder if my lady-buddies will ever overtake the food habits they have imbibed and reflect on the gossip they spread. In the pocket road, I always meet my ex-service uncle who hurriedly walks away to the swimming pool. His walking is a warming procedure for the swimming that he is about to undertake...2 preys in a single shot!  To force him stop and have a chat is almost impossible.  His military discipline will not allow him do so! Then there are the doggy-walkers. For them, the morning walk is a side product of making their dog walk! Or, is it that they are combining their health with that of their puppy?  Of course, the local temple priest always avoids me by crossing to the opposite direction of the road. He may be thinking that I might pollute him with my looks and words. I respect him for his beliefs.  

Rains are over and I find that there is a reason for everyone on the road to walk. And walk they do!