Wednesday, January 28

I will pray for you....

I have heard many people say, “I will pray for you”. I myself have spoken those words to many. I see an instant magic in those words. Hearing it some will hold our hands and press it in affection; others wear a beautiful smile on their face; while there are still others who softly say, ‘Thank you, dear Brother.’ Nevertheless, seldom do I realise that I am making an important commitment. Moreover, worst, many times I fail to keep-up that commitment.

I have understood that taking a commitment to pray for another person is a serious one. These days, I take time to tell them, “I will pray for you.” I will not speak those words as a modern Cliché. I have also understood that prying for another person can become a heart to heart affair only when I walk deep into him and lead him into the healing presence of God. This is not possible in a fly-by-night operation!

The true magic of praying for brothers and sisters is that it will allow us to enter into their world of sorrow and joy, conflicts and agonies, loneliness and emptiness. That process will humble us, as we are the children of the same God called 'Abba'.