Friday, February 4

We Pray...

We pray when we sit quiet and meditatively before God ......; 
     and we pray while we are taking out the garbage (do you recycle?); 
     we pray when we are losing our grip and ask God for help; 
     we pray when we are weeding the garden (and find ourselves fully present in the moment); 
     we pray when we ask God to help a friend who is at the end of her rope; 
     we pray when we write a letter; 
     we pray when we are in a conversation with our cynical and bullying boss; 
     we pray with our friends in church; 
     we pray walking down North Street in the company of strangers because… 
              while not everything we do is prayer, 
everything we do and say and think could be prayer.

Quoted from Rev. Eugene Peterson who paraphrased the Bible into contemporary settings 
calling it 'The Message'