Sunday, February 22

Time for a little party...

Just days before Lent is the time when I break into the little joys of sweet and meat. I have found that it is indeed a good springboard to the conscious acceptance of a control that I am about to impose on myself.

The Church in earlier times introduced a small feast just before Lent. It was called Mardi Gras party... a time when Christians exhausted all the home stock of sugar and yeast, smoked fish and meat. They cleaned out their kitchen cabinets from all these, so that the Lent can be started on a fresh note of new culinary.

Mardi Gras party is being more than a gourmand on the eve of Ash Wednesday,.... it is enjoying the entry into a specially loved season. It is removing all the ‘yeast’ from our homes that may take away the joy of the lent that the family is celebrating.

Today, Lent or not, i’ll have my Mardi Gras... tomorrow too a Mardi Gras!... then the Lent!!