Sunday, January 23

My blessings... my smiles.

One of the saddest aspects of modern living is that we forget to count the daily blessings that we receive. Claiming our blessedness is an art. I have always felt the great energy and peace that flows into me, when I tell myself that I am blessed... when I confess my blessings... when I accept who I am and see the positive aspect of myself.

The endless distractions of modern living, the fastness of the financial world, the stocks and the investments, the philately and many things that follow me have really set forth a voice that has become a noise in me. Then comes the importance of caring the family, the home and the social living... this too is a calling from which I can never walk past. Yet, the trick is to keep them beside me and walk life with a deep realisation of myself.

There is a problem with modern living: we are too busy to realise that we are blessed... that we are being blessed. To hear the blessings ring around us is to keep a conscious eye on the good things that follow us daily. It doesn’t mean that I go around closing my eyes and believing that the world is all goodness. No! It does mean that I believe in goodness and that goodness has overshadowed the effects of evil in my daily living.

The fun is that blessings need not be invented. They are there... all around us. We need to only remain conscious of it. The omnipresent God, in His Grace and Mercy has overflowed the universe that He has created. Can we realise it? The beautiful buildings, the architecture, the sculpture, music, trees, beaches and the mountains are some of the places where we must discover the blessings that God has freely given. These gentle reminders tell us of God who has called us by name and has asked us to remain blessed. The Holy Bible says that God knows every line drawn on my open palm.    

So, I accept my blessings today and I’ll try to walk conscious of myself and the world around me... conscious of my breath... conscious of my steps... conscious of my words and conscious of my smiles