Thursday, July 5

Rule 8

One of the biggest challenges in daily spirituality is to remain positive and sound throughout the day. It is a greater realisation that we all have a journey to make today. And everyone’s journey is unique.

What does my friend mean to me? With a broken and confused agenda if a person comes to us, can we put him off by telling about the world’s problems? I think it is more important to remain pragmatic and sound … keep telling the truth and go forward.
In Jordan B Peterson’s 12 Rules of Life, there is the Rule 8 : TELL THE TRUTH  - OR , AT LEAST, DON’T LIE. Peterson’s approach to the whole theory of  rules of life is hinged on the importance of truth. The vast majority of problems in society is generated by dishonesty. Simple as it is, today’s social medias are out to manipulate the world. Add a spin to the truth. One of the most difficult and dangerous world of economic news are the manipulated statistics and market data. Millions of dollars are made or lost due to dishonest news.  The scheming, sloganeering and the propaganda machines are set to roll in the air, flooding every digital screen with falsehood. So much so, even a bit of truth is lost in the air!

This book makes a good reading on a rainy day…

Fine !