Saturday, April 14

... a quick walk through the garden!

Malayalam Calendar New Year Day is the ‘Vishu’ and today Malayalees everywhere celebrate ‘Vishu’. What is most characteristic of this festivity is that the yellow Vishu flower blooms throughout Kerala. It is auspicious to see the yellow ‘Konna’ (the name of the flower in Malayalam) on ‘Vishu’. 

Easter was  last week. Still, some Easter Lilies are in bloom in family-friend’s home. She tell me that all the Easter Lilies bloomed exactly on the Easter day and she keeps asking me how these little flowers knows the exact date of the Easter. I too wonder as to how the buried blubs of these lilies keep track of the date and the time. Some speak of biological clocks in all these. But it is an absolute wonder that we have a nature that will not allow things to happen just like that! Though the exact mechanism is unknown, I think God has fixed time for every flower's bloom!!   

With the advent of the Spring, it is a joy to walk around my home. Champa is loaded with fruits. She is so generous in her flowering and her branches grow heavy with fruits.

The Betel nuts have ripened to show forth all her beauty. 
Some are cherry-red, others golden and the late comers are still green ! 


And the bee on one of the yellow flowers caught my eyes. I have found bees difficult to snap. 
They always fly away whenever any human comes near them. 
I think it is all because of their eyes: large and located on top of their head. He'll never miss you if you go near !! 
(Even this bee wasn’t that friendly to me.)  

I think it is true what Rumi,the thirteenth-century Persian mystic said...
"The Lord of beauty enters the soul as a man walks into an orchard in Spring"