Saturday, April 11


The families into which we are born are points where we got to grow and move on. Jesus showed us this very much in his dealings. He was born in an ordinary family. His infancy was very simple. Nevertheless, he kept on moving towards his walk of life.

I am afraid of the word ‘Vocation’. They say it came to English in 15th century from Latin and French. That isn’t the point. ‘Vocation’ is the strong calling a person has in his walk of life. That is the point. I am afraid of that. The other day, an acquaintance of mine asked me if this “gold, cash and interest calculation” my destiny. I told him that there is a word called ‘vocation’ in my vocabulary. He looked confused and stunned.

There is a point in our life when we got to leave and make go from our families. This is a reality of our vocation. Some of us are called to be with our families. This too is a great reality. Many I know cannot accept these realities. To fully make our claim of vocation, we got to leave our ‘homes’ and be pulled into our destinies. The reality is that we all belong to God more than to ourselves and to others. The ‘home’ that the world define for us many not be the ‘home’ of our vocation. Hence, that attraction…the attraction to God the Father is the ultimate reality. That is the call of every vocation.

"Our hearts are restless, until it rest in thee", says St. Augustine on his relationship with God. That is the fullness of vocation.