Friday, July 23 balance both.

My real dilemma is that I have found it very challenging to find time for reflection these days – too little mediation and quiet. As everything about our culture gets louder and louder, the quiet little still voice somewhere down there gets hushed up. What a pity!  

News today is that most of the EU banks have won the ‘stress test’. World must be happy about it. I am, for sure.  I wonder if these simulated ‘stress’ effects are good enough for real-life situations. The financial markets of this day are responding to this news positively. Yet, all these are but voices that are so loud in my loud as to steal that little quietness.  

“Your heart is where you money is” Lord Jesus said 2000 years ago.  The question is whether I can place my heart in the right perspective of life wherein I need not compromise earthily values and heavenly blessings.  The trick is to balance both. Am I a Libran? Ya... a true Libran!!