Friday, February 20

God... the beauty in You

I have always heard of people visiting the beaches at sunsets. They talk about the beautiful sunset they see. I too do that. Why? The beauty that a sunset offer creates in me a spiritual yearning that goes beyond the sunsets I witness. They tell me about the infinite nature of the Creator and the colours He has used. In the foreground of a black sea, as the sun pulls herself down after a blazing schedule, the colures that she spreads on the sky canvas is like the last and final act of a grand drama. The nostalgia and the longing that any sunset create in me has always had a spiritual link . Sunsets burst out God’s presence in the Universe and my infinitesimal place on earth.

When making the above photo in the beaches on the Kanyakumari at South India (Cape Comorin) , I saw people worship the sun (I believe they had been doing it since ages). That is where the creation misses the Creator. Every sunset is an opportunity to see God’s majesty. I quote Simone Weil who said, “We see the dust on the window or the view beyond the window, but never the window itself.” Seeing the sunsets and the beauty in it and missing the deep presence of God in the world near us and in us is like missing the window and seeing only the dust on it!

“God, help me see the beauty in You”