Monday, July 19

something about wish lists...

Often I make‘do-it-today’ lists. I will sort these lists on priority. I write them with pencil on a post-note pad. Then I’ll plan the total scope and the direction of these lists. “Should I start from north of the city and go to the east?”, “Should I do it in my car or on my cycle?”... and some trivial questions like these will keep                          my thinking going.

There are also the long-term wish lists. I dribble with it each day, accomplishing a bit of it day by day. That too requires stops and breaks...that too require planning directions. But then, there is always a small bit to be done, to be accomplished and to be fulfilled.

I think everyone in the world has wish lists. Like me, the mind of a mystic too isn’t really free from wishes. The only difference is that, while I think of the tangible and the worldly, the mystic will think of the intangible and the heavenly...while I wish for what can be seen and touched, the mystic will wish for the what cannot be seen and touched.

The Animal world has much simpler wish list. The other night I woke up to hear the sound of growling. Flashing a torch, I discovered what it was all about: it was my pet Jill working on an old bone she had hidden away from her day-time rivals. I had seen her working on that bone some days ago. May be, she has a wish list too: to do the bone bit by bit. Hence, she takes it at night and works on it bit by bit. When she is tired, she will hide it for working on it another day.

World  CAN be cruel without any wish lists, isn’t it? When I am done with all that is in my wish lists, how dull can life be!  No wonder some achievers put a bullet to their brains when they have accomplished all their wishes... What a crazy world!