Monday, January 31

Rummaging for You...

   How is it that when I lift my eyes to you
   so often all I see is that splat of daily chaos... 
   my old kitchen, my trusted utensils, the gas stove, the baking grill.

I want to do glorious deeds –
 but now I have to iron white shirts, water my garden, polish my shoes, struggle with my laundry  
 and boil my daily oatmeal.

I want to be a saint today – one of the architects of your good world—
 but you know my story better than anyone else,
 and I am considerably less than a saint.

And yet somehow, the most honest meditation I have had with you is happening over this ironing board... 
   this honest sort of meditation can be stirred into a perfect ironed shirt... 
   or a rummaging for You !  

I don’t really see visions or see you in the sky... yet I am aware of thy nearness.
   as cool water drip from my garden hose over my geraniums,
                                           they gently whisper your warmth!
I don’t really have to achieve saintliness to know your love...
    I don’t really have to be someone I am not.

Help me worship you the way I know...
Help me worship you in my garden, in my kitchen, in my study,
                                   in all my going outs and in all my coming ins. 
So be it Lord!