Friday, May 18

... a saint in the making

ASSUME that the acts we do are morally good in themselves. Then each task or duty is like a blank check; the value it possesses depends on whose name is signed to it, on whether it is done for the I’s sake or for God’s sake. Motive is what makes the saint; sanctification does not depend on our geography, nor on our work or circumstances. Some people imagine that if they were in another place, married to a different spouse, had a different job, or had more money, they could do God’s work so much better. The truth is that it makes no difference where they are; it all depends on whether what they are doing is God’s will and one for love of Him. 

 We can take whatever God gives us, and we can make the supernatural best of it. The typist working on routine letters, the street cleaner carrying a broom, the farmer tilling the field, the doctor bending over a patient, the lawyer trying a case, the student with books, the sick in their isolation and pain, the teacher drilling pupils, the mother dressing the children - each such task, every such duty, can be ennobled and spiritualized if it is done in God’s Name.” 

from  ‘Sanctifying the Moment’  by Archbishop Rev. Fulton J Sheen    

Photo from personal file. 
Location : The calm sea at Kapadu Beach.