Saturday, November 3

Middle-aged men in Lycra ...

Yes, finally, I am a 'Mamil' - a Malayalee 'Middle-Aged Man in Lycra! 
You like it or not, this is what it is all about it.

Come middle-age, it is time for a quick retrospection. The youthful years have just sailed by the seasons. Body metabolism has changed: needs more rest. Suddenly there is something very visible missing: the hairs here and there. How strange! Most of them have had to fall away and the others turned gray! God has lessened HIS struggle to keep them counted. A ‘progressive lens’ tells me that my age has progressed and vision improved!

On the gadget side, year after year one man troubles me, and his name is Bill Gates. He keeps on writing a new version for my computer forcing me to fling the old Windows out through the real window. Thank God! I am not attracted to the Apples with their i-2,3,4… and all. New gadget additions have put me to new challenges: from the code, over a codeless, to a cell. Crazy, the cell keeps changing every 6 months and frown at me with a “I beat you” face! There is a temptation to waste time on a Facebook than the real book. Facebook seems to be my new chewing-gum of engagement.    

At the 'middle' there are more things to savvy than poke fun with a nail-sized cell phone screen. Mature wines and old Jim Reeves taste awesome better than in the past. Of course, there are the fresh scents for my bedroom candles and new tricks in the bed. Quality has over taken quantity. My silver-gray hairs just don’t stop me with a full stop over here.

... when a MAMIL is bitten by a mountain bug, he takes refuge here!
Got to examine why middle-age is all about it: self-made cash in the wallet, worldly maturity in the brains and secret passions in the heart. Then one day, walking took over me. With my friends, I call it trekking.  Mountains in the 'middle-age' is absolutely gorgeous.  Long and stretched climbs into Himalayan wilderness and frozen heights became a magic that transformed my middle into mighty. Rolled with wool,the light-weight Lycra plays the trick here... and I love it!

Then two wheels rolled into my life with a chain and a saddle. That was my incarnation into ‘MAMIL’. With a great “Bang!”, a toy of the childhood became a toy of  my middle-age.  Why do I wear a Lycra cycling-brief and a vest to go peddling at this age? Is it the wallet, maturity and passion the real answer?  This Malayalee Mamil cannot find an answer. He is just the new Middle-Aged Man In Lycra (MAMIL)…That’s all I know about it!

Thank God ! it's a Malayalee MAMIL!

P.S : A Malayalee is someone who speaks Malayalam and 
is known as 'a Mallu' all over India!