Saturday, December 24

... year end thoughts on Grace

Christmas is all about the grace that God extended to humanity.  The simplicity of that grace is idealized in the birth Jesus took-up in a manger. Each time I fathom that grace, it stupefies my thinking and sees the world in a mystical tone and magnificent color. Yes, the whole of the planet is an outpouring of God’s grace. However, within me, this virtue of that humbling grace fights against all the greed and fear of a city life. At this end of the year, I am confronted with another new year of market stress. Uncertainties loom over most of the economies of the world… and yet, there is hope that God’s Grace Lives within all these storms of life. That is just one thought that I wish to keep glowing. 

" You think about what you are experiencing and why. Do you deserve this, this fantastic experience? Have you earned this in some way?  Are you separated out to be touched by God, to have some special experience that other cannot have? And you know that the answer to that is no. There’s nothing you’ve done to deserve this, to earn this; it’s not a special thing for you. You know very well at that moment, and it comes through to you so powerfully, that you are the sensing element for man… You are up here as a sensing element, that point out on the end, and that is a humbling feeling. It’s a feeling that says you have a responsibility. It’s not for yourself. The eye that doesn’t see doesn’t do justice to the body….And somehow you recognize that you are a piece of this total life. And you’re out there on that forefront and you have to bring it back somehow. And that become a rather special responsibility, and it tells you something about your relationship with this thing called life. So that’s a change. That’s something new…. There is a difference in that relationship between you and that planet and you and all those other forms of life on that plant … and it’s so precious."  
    Quoted from Russell Schweickart -- 
the astronaut who was the Lunar Module Pilot of Apollo 9 space mission in 1969.
He was looking deep upon the planet Earth from outer space and commenting on his status in God’s creation story.  

Photo location: Calicut Beach