Monday, June 14

Bringing home my new camera...

Bringing home anything new always adds joy to us.

I remember my childhood when I was thrilled to have a new toy: a new train, a new car or a new bus. I used to keep these new toys with me throughout the day and even attempt to take it to school to show my friends about it. And, as the night falls and as I go to bed, I used to carry the toy with me and keep it close to my pillow to fall asleep.

Am I different today? Certainly no. The old habits have only transformed...transformed into more socially accepted behaviours. As I bring home a new car (a road worthy car), I like to ride (play) with it often. I like to take it to road and show my world my joy-train. I have seen this behaviour across every class of people, irrespective of social and educational background. Well, as grownups, this proclivity to something new can be even to nonmaterial things: like a new idea or a new ethos. The ‘new’ needn’t be something tangible. 

Bringing home a new camera was to me like getting a new toy train. For a moment there arouse the child in me. But, how can I go back to my childhood?  For a moment at least, how can I escape to my infancy? 

In his early childhood, Lev Tolstoy was told by his older brother about the legend of a magical green wand which would always keep children happy. He said that this green wand was buried in a secret place near Stary Zakaz ravine (a location in their large beautiful estate).  This green wand would bring everlasting joy to anyone who discovers it. 

Is my new camera like that of Lev Tolstoy’s magical green wand?... a new toy that would help me rediscover happiness?