Friday, July 15

Joys of a home…

It took a long time for me to revisit my Sister. All in a hurry, I travelled to her home last week. My father-in-law’s home at Ayroor is on the way to my Sister’s home. Both these places are similar for the tranquil atmosphere: abundant water, green surroundings and country roads … they offer lots of joy to me. Couple of days in that environment can recharge my life for days back home.

These bees surprised me! Standing close to their fort, I was careful not to disturb them. My photo adventure would close if they settle on me. Even using the flash was much restricted as I was afraid that I would disturb them. 
What surprises me is the manner in which bees accommodate in their natural hive. They do not cause any difficulty to their neighbor and continue to work day and night in unison. 

My father-in-law restored his house at Ayroor sometime ago. The wooden cellars and the traditional low-roof construction are characteristic of the land and the people. The design of the roof  is special: it is curved at the bottom. Such wooden construction offer cool and calm living environment. One feels close to nature in those homes. The warmth of the wooden surroundings is something I miss in a modern living space. The kissing of the clay-tiles by my feet gives me a very strange bond to this environment. 

The traditional lamps that are no longer lit stands as an object of interior decoration. The wooden callers too stand as an object of decoration. Back in the olden days, all the wooden cellars were filled with grains, fruits and coconut oil. These cellars protected the produce from thieves and rodents. (Those were the days when men never made poisons for rodents. They only contained them or tried to live with them!)


The Rambutan fruit trees at Ayroor are not so ancient. It is said that a friend of my father-in-law brought a sapling of rambutan from Malaya and gave it to him. Then it took root to spread beyond Ayroor. Once ripened the Rambutan turns bright red from green and it is a spiny fruit. These fully loaded trees with bright fruits attract lots of birds and squirrels. 


I met a smart young Labrador retriever Monica at my Sister’s home. Monica is obedient and loving. 

She looked slightly overfed and pampered. Her kennel was a little away from the house. When it was time for feeding, she would pick her feeding-plate on her own and comes running home.


I also wanted to make friends with all of them. However, they kept staring at me telling me to keep off !! 


Country roads,  take me home…

I was the wind last night-
I vaulted the mountains and crossed seven rivers.
And turned aside the tall trees guarding the valley.
I caught glimpses of you through the window.
As I wandered around the little stone house,
They would not let me in; too cold a wind!
I hung around listlessly, afraid to call too loud.
Then like a weary man limped homewards over the sleeping mountains.
When will I learn the secret of stillness?

(Ruskin Bond)