Thursday, January 30

The advantage of the disadvantaged....

AT first, joy is being successful, powerful and is in being different from others. I become joyful when I do something that distinguishes me from others and when others recognize it. The rapid success of social media is in the exposure it gives to everyone in that social circle. As that circle gets wider, exposure gets wider.When I receive a compliment or win an award, I experience the joy of not being the same as others. I am faster, smarter, richer or more beautiful …. it is that difference  that brings me joy. That is “I” centric joy.

Nevertheless, is there another type of joy? Is there a joy in being hidden? Is there a joy in being fragile and mortal? Fragility and mortality are the hallmarks of the universe. The  galaxies and the planetary systems are fragile and mortal… so is every being. There is a distinct joy in being a fellow traveler, a friend to the weak and the troubled world. Suddenly, the “I” centric me can transform to a different personality: to a “WE” centric world.  Disadvantage is an advantage that is inherent in the universe. I believe even God chose the disadvantaged over the advantaged to put many things healthy.

I remember being almost trapped when I could not open the window of the fuel port on my car. All that comfort, grandeur, and strength of my car was at the feet of this small window, which would not open for a critical fuel refill. All my advantage of a “sure” car was surrendered for this little window.  Then I shut the car and walked with the pedestrians, quickly felling one with them. I began to think if there was ever a “disadvantage” being a pedestrian, having often chosen to drive.

Belonging to the human race can be belonging to the “disadvantaged” … 
I’ll try finding  joy in it.

Photo: A fisherman checking his net after a night in the sea. 
Location: Kadalundi (Kerala)