Monday, July 13

Trekking the life path...

I was wondering why I must examine the issue of prayer in life. Why ‘prayer’? If I can remember on one issue that has always bothered me then it was the manner in which I connect to my Master. One part of me keeps on nagging me and asking me if there is any worth in my relationship with the Lord. I remember a song that Bob Dylan sang asking me “How many roads must a man walk down before you call him a man?” (Blowin’In The Wind)
I think so many of my friends too have the same questions. I know that they keep it to themselves. I do believe that all of us long for some evidence that our God-relationship is true and genuine. Beauty of life is the endless excitement and mystery of our inner journey with the Lord. But then, like a doctor who examines a patient, we examine ourselves to find the value of staying in touch with God. But unlike the doctor of medicine, we cannot verify fully with absolute certainty our inner rumblings with God.

Isn’t the question Bob Dylan asked really great!... Can I ask that question to me again and agin.... “How many roads must a man walk down before you call him a man?” In a world of suppression and lack of moral courage, in the early 70s, that song swept America and the rest of the English world by storm.

Today, where will the trek of life lead me? Trekking the life path is exiting when the Master is the desire and the cause.

...... Photo credit : My fellow trekker Mr.Saurangshu
Location : Sights on the way to Roopkund...........