Friday, July 3

Suddenly something...

One of the most interesting aspects of human beings is the fact that every individual likes to look at the world through his pair of glasses alone. As tomorrow the Finance Minister will roll out the Union budget, I was seeing the frenzy of the investors and the Dalal Street. Each section of the Industry wants the budget to be theirs alone. “Come what may, the prices of the shares I am holding must go up”, says every investor. However, can any finance minister anywhere in the world do such a trick? The problem is again the ‘selfish’ perspective that individuals have. This same emotion trickles down to every corner of the society. A swimmer may call the whole world to swim with him and a mountaineer may want everyone to be a part of his adventure. However, seldom should we expect that to happen.I remember reading a dog story written by the British vet James Herriot. An elderly rich widow named Mrs. Pumphrey was owing a beautiful pup of Pekingese breed by name Tricki Woo.
Dr. James Herriot was often called to attend Tricki’s mischief. When Christmas came, this woman posted gifts for James Harriot. He called back the woman to thank her for the gifts. Woman was cool to point out that it was Tricki  Woo, her pet dog who had sent him the gifts and  Tricki  Woo was alone the one who should be thanked. Keeping aside all the professional shame, this vet penned a thanking letter to the doggy and addressed it to
Mrs. Pumphrey!Tonight, Finance Minister must be pondering as to whom he has to address his grand budget!