Sunday, July 24

My Only Car !!

I was just thinking of my health and way it has travelled with me over all these years. What struck me is the manner in which I should have taken care of it. Often, there were years of niglet and years of overuse.

R. Gopalakrishnan, an Executive Director at Tata Sons has pointed out an interesting element in his book, ‘When the Penny Drops’.  Writing about the importnce of maintaining good health,  he narrates a story. While growing up in Calcutta, Gopalakrishnan was coached at Bengal Lawn Tennis Association. The coach Mr. Dilip Bose , the Indian Davis Cup Tennis star of the 1940s, used to mention the imporatnce of health and compare it to that of keeping a car sound. The metaphore he used was powerfull: “How would you take care of your car if you were told that it would be the only car you would have for your whole life?”

Well, this metaphore is scary :
To imagine and take care of my body
as my only car for life!