Thursday, June 3

A burgeoning earth and the city girl...

Summer is soon going to end. But I think of the summer parched earth....She is like a city girl...Lips are vibrant with light shades, hairs are straightened and shaggy, the nails all done up with metallic tints, the attire is an indigo jeans with a ‘T’ top... ears are dangling with light ear-drops and a  bracelet bright with symbols of the youth. I take the first look at this girl and thinks that the person is a sophisticated new generation brat. But then, as I open up a conversation with her, things cools down. Deep within all this makeup lays a simple soul to understand.
I think of the summer-parched earth as this city girl: simple and gay. And it takes only a couple of rains to cool her down...and to reveal her secrets.  A week into the monsoon, earth is all set anew with new life. She gives birth to the worms and the rotting leaves, the awakened trees and the swollen ponds of fishes and tadpoles.
A burgeoning earth and the city girl... what a life this is all!