Monday, June 6

Murmurings on a rainy day...

With the inauguration of a monsoon, new lives begins to awake 
and the dead will rot to dust...

The rains have come for the year. That marks the end of heat. That also closes much of my cycling days and the outdoor activities. The rains have reached burgeoning with heavy water drops. I love the rains and the sound of water falling. The smell of the dry earth has given way to the wet sticky mud all around. The termites and the white ants have emerged from their lower lairs. The breeze is cool. The twilight is rich with dark heavy clouds. The office commuters look dull in their raincoats. Most of them aren’t really dressed to meet the on slaughter of the heavy monsoon. By the time commuters  reach their offices, they will be wet. Yet I enjoy the presence of water and the rain all around. In rain, the streets become rapidly empty. With a large umbrella, I often get dressed up to survey rain and the empty street.      

Last week I bought home my new cycle – a Cannondale Quick 5. Rains have put a brake to all my cycling. Yet I wait for the occasional sunshine for taking her out.  I found a little time to ‘click’ and glue all her photos together on Photoshop.    
I found a little time to ‘click’ and glue all her photos together on Photoshop.