Monday, December 29

God's Desire for Us

ONE of the most important aspects of our relationship with God is that He desires us more than we desire Him. The Bible in more than one occasion tells us that it is God who chooses us and not us choosing God. In fact, our prayer lives too reflect that relationship in different ways. One of the most interesting points that was made in this regard is by the English spiritual writer Anthony Bloom.... he says : We complain that God does not make himself present to us for the few minutes that we reserve for him, but what about the twenty-three and a half hours during which God may be knocking at our door and we answer, “I am busy. I am sorry.” Or, when we do not answer at all because we do not even hear the knock at the door of our heart, of our mind, of our conscience, of our life. So there is a situation in which we have no right to complain of the absence of God , because we are great deal more absent than he ever is.

So long as I keep running away from prayer-life, so long as I keep my conversations with God as a mundane daily piety, I keep my jealous God at my basement store. Rusted and dusty, God becomes unable to work in my daily life.

So, who is really in need of my prayers: me or God? .... God is.

That is the ground reality of prayer-life!

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