Friday, December 19

My beach has a lighthouse...

My beach has a lighthouse....

I love the sight of the lighthouse. On the fringes of the beach it stands...quit and lonely it stands. Since the day I remember the beach I remember the lighthouse too. The locals say the lighthouse is more than 200 years old. But, as it watches the sea, a guard watches it in the land!

Today, for me, the dear lighthouse is more than a standing beauty. The lighthouse tells me many things more than the stories of sea. The lighthouse has a spiritual meaning to its appearance... a beauty beyond the looks... a resilience that goes braving the cloudy skies, salty breeze and the stormy winds. Primarily my lighthouse tells the far away seamen the land is near... it tells them to keep themselves safe to the sea... though the land is seen... though the port is near... still the danger looms... so, keep distance and stay in the sea.

I look at my lighthouse with respect and awe. Every time light pulsates from the lighthouse, it is speaking to a far away sea voyager. The lighthouse is a beacon of safety...The lighthouse is a sign of relief and is a symbol of hope.

Years ago, on a day full of dark clouds, the Lighthouse moved me. In a remote spiritual retreat centre... from the empty corners of a counselling room... kneeling on the floor.... I saw the Eternal Light beckoning me... Eternal light of renewal... Eternal light of forgiveness... Eternal light of hope... never to strike a rock... never to ground on sands. “Follow Me. I’ll guide thee home”, it said. Since that call, the Lighthouse kept me safe ashore. And the long journey home has become a walk with the Known. The Lighthouse has done for me! The Lighthouse has done it, Amen!!

The Spirit of the Living God is the Lighthouse. Today I see the Lighthouse as my lover, my friend, my guide and my all.

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