Wednesday, February 4

Again....I’ll pray for my coffee brake !

AS I was visiting a group of elderly women at a Presbyterian Church in Grapevine, USA, we shared about prayer and prayer-life. They told me how they were closely knit and how they pray for one another as a Christian group. What they shared with me sounded unique and novel. It is indeed a brilliant idea that is worth sharing.

They told me,..“Brother, every fortnight we gather in the Church for a vesper service. All of us bring a new coffee-mug to the worship altar. Each coffee-mug is unique. Each mug carries the owner’s name on it. Our Pastor will number the mug and shuffle the lot. We pray and take the lot to carry home another person’s coffee-mug. The next two weeks we use this coffee mug to serve ourselves the morning coffee and the bed coffee. And every day, as we sip a hot lovingly made coffee in that mug, we can never forget the person who owns it. We spend the coffee time praying for that person! Later, that mug becomes a prayer souvenir in our showcase”.

In all these years of Christian living, I have never heard such a simple and brilliant idea to make me remember another person in my daily prayer.... the coffee brake prayer!......Have you?

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