Thursday, February 19

Jacob's Ladder

Everything in Jacob’s life was providential. The Holy Bible speaks of Jacob who has proved to be more than a cunning person. Jacob outwitted his own family. And Jacob is best known as the very few in the Holy Bible who challenged El-Shaddai and got away with it.

Many times I deeply think of Jacob. What is so special about him? Jacob was determined, demanding and dreamful. I will call it a 3D phenomena! It is this three character that propelled a change in his life.

Most of us have had at least one tough day with dead-lock problems.... a day we wish to forget but we cannot... a day when we walked away from trouble... a day we thought we would never make it through. The special nature of such a day is that, end of it all, we stand all alone. May be in a hospital, may be in a police station, and may be crying all alone in our very own bedroom. But then, the problem fades away and we live on. For Jacob too there was that day. He walked away from trouble and walked into the wilderness.... a futureless and lonely wilderness. As the hours of darkness crept Jacob slept...slept with a pillow and waited for his dream.

For Jacob, it was a stone for a pillow and emptiness was the sky. First came the slumber. Then came the angles. God Almighty guided Jacob through every stage. Strange as it is, he wrestles with the very Strength that had led him. End of it all, trampled with a wrenched hip Jacob cried, “Bless me or I’ll not let you go!”

We see in Jacob a pro-active believer. He fights for his blessing. Jacob bridges the earth and the heaven with the presence of God in his life.

Hai wait! What can I grasp in my dreams? For a moment I saw the desire in me for that comforting ladder of Jacob. From a spiralling chaos of daily ladders to a delightful ladder beaconing God’s presence in daily events; from the crowded and the loquacious ladder of community leadership to the serene garden of a family... a ladder for my dreams to paint days with bright colours ... colours of joy and gladness.

Jacob had a dream. I must have one!

“So God, give me my share of dreams and a ladder! And I too want to wake-up from my Bethel of dreams!!”

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