Sunday, February 1

The Little Things...

I wonder how hopeless and careless I am when it comes to the little things in my life. I am speaking of the little moneys I have lost, the little keys I have lost, the little books that I have lost, the little oppertunites, the little friends and the little of everything that I have lost.

Everytime I realise that I have lost something, there is an anguish. If it is the car key, there are ofcourse duplicate keys on the keystand and I reach out to them. But seldom does everything comes that way. I have realised that even the loss of toothpick has troubled me most. And, what does I say when I desperately search to find back what is lost or to get back which is lost? I have realised that I spit every form of desperate words from my mouth in those occations. “Hell with it!” and “Dam with it!” are the most common.

Being a Christian, God is slowely changing me from being anguish on little losses. It is that, God is interested in all the little things that goes around me. So, should I keep asking God where my car keys are when they are momentarily lost? On the other hand, should I whisper “Hell with it!”

Today I am in the process of bringing God into all the little things in my life.... What a joy it is to realise that God is indeed interested in everything around my life! Turing over to God the most mundane losses, I am not so much worried about the size the shape or the colour of what I am telling Him about. This attitude has radically changed my mind-set on prayer: No Subject is too mundane for God! This attitude has also helped me understand God better. So, I keep telling him about all the little things in my life: may be the lack of coins in my purse or the often missing ball-pens. And I keep my ears open to listen to Him in all these circumstances.

“ Lord, teach me not ask You huge requests like peace in the middle-east,
without me asking You to find out where I have left my spectacle box.
Teach me to speak to you all that worries me, BIG or small.
Simply..... , I want to grow closer to you.... Amen ”

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