Friday, February 6

Scribbling in the sand

There is always a time when we look back to see what has taken us here. The parents, the family, the friends and the community stand all around us in that picture. The formative years of anyone are the time when we look up to the world all around us and try to find heroes. I remember a friend of mine whose mother complained my mother that her son has scribbled my name (ABBY) all over there costly exterior house walls. What a strange thing it was for me to hear it!

Scribbling our presence is a human instinct. Those who have studied human behaviour have found something special about it: since long ago we started to fix our name on the world that we formed. Engineers puts it on the roads, bridges and the dams, students does it on their school desks , lovers put it on the park-seats and monuments, politicians do it on the buildings and social programmes they inaugurate, Vicars inscribe their names on the foundation stones they lay...and the list goes on. Though there are slight differences in each of them, the fact remains the same: they are all scribbling their presence.

I was wondering what God has to scribbling in this universe! The Holy Bible says that it was God who created the heavens and the earth, formed humans in His own image and put breath into it. So, if God were to scribble His name on His creation, He would have a tough time with it. The whole of creation stands in witness to God’s scribbling.... and He continues to scribble. We only got to discover that!

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