Monday, March 23

the book... notes to myself

It is more positive for me to believe that every day is a page in my life-book. The story never emerges until all the pages of the book are written. The challenge is to take this day as one page at a time and write it with courage. The fact is, I do not know how many pages are left for me to write. The beauty is I have all the authority to write it in my own manner. Some write a short story; others write a tome. What is my writing anyway? If the writing abruptly ends, will it make a good reading? On the other hand, will I leave some pages unwritten here and there? True, I cannot pull off any page in this book; I can only correct the story by writing another page in the manner I look at it anew. True, this book will be open for the world to read...if not now, surely later.

There was an acquaintance of mine who was a loner. A widower, he was taking care of himself. One day, I got a call telling me that he had passed away in a hospital. Having rushed to the hospital, I was given the key to his house. I was to rush to his house and keep things ready to receive the body home. Reaching his house, I was touched seeing the manner in which he had lived: neat and clean,...the house stood in absolute order. ‘What a book I was reading?' I told myself. His garden with in full bloom and everything stood with a smile. I was too afraid of that sacredness... I was too afraid of that quietness. His was a book too sacred to open and read!

Occasionally, seeing my photos, friends ask me what my camera is. (It is an entry level digital). In my heart, I am amused at this question. That’s because, it isn’t a camera that draws any is the person behind that camera who ‘clicks’ the picture. I have never heard people ask, ‘What brush he has used to make that painting?’... then why do they ask me what my camera is!!

In the end of it all, can I leave the book soiled? Will it be loose-leafed? Alternatively, should it be clean and bound? After all, is it a paperback or a library edition that I am working at?
Photo location: Pookodu Lake, Waynad, Kerala

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