Wednesday, April 22

Wounds and embarrassments

I have observed on myself how I react to wounds and hurts. The fact is, no one can escape being wounded. We are wounded physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. Recent unfolding of certain events in my Church community has concreted my belief that I cannot escape being wounded. Hence, it gave me an opportunity to search for wounds and healings in the light of the Bible.

The Bible points us to an important teaching on wounds. The Bible says: through his wounds, we are healed. I believe that this simple text carries the entire theology on God’s healing process. When I was recently wounded over Church matters, I asked, “How can I run away from my wounds?” I have heard many say, “Time will ease the pain”. However, is that how we have to get over our wounds? Certainly No. That is a human faculty of forgetfulness that is compounding healing. Nevertheless, the Bible tells us something different.

One natural emotion that surrounds a wounded heart is embarrassment. It is to overcome the embarrassment that we go in search of the source of our pain and kick at it. By repaying hurt with hurt, we come to cover our embarrassment in public. Thus we show the world that we are ‘strong’ and ‘smart’. However, this is not the story of Lord Jesus Christ. As a Christian, we do not need to be embarrassed about our hurts. The question that Bible is asking me is this, “How can I put my woundedness in the service of others?” This can only happen when our hurts does not rule our embarrassments but heals it. Then we can go out in service of others. Through our wounds, we can be the source of others’ healing.

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