Thursday, June 25


One of the most interesting features on earth is the existence of life in tough environments. Scientists have observed life deep in ocean floors and very much in arid deserts. The ecosystem teaches us that life is a survivor in those rigid environments and that it has been shaped to meet the challenges their environment offer.
True, I may not love the weeds the same way I love the flowers... but I respect them, learn from them, admire them for their tenacity to flourish in the most unlikely and harsh places...
At Roopkund, 16,400 ft. above, in snow at subzero conditions and in the periodic hot blazing sun, I saw a special Himalayan weed that grows on rock and lives among snow. Sitting down, I took a shot of it. They are survivors for a million years. I took my hats off. Yes, they have learnt the art of cold warfare, hailstorms and dry winds. At death, they leave a progeny for the next generation. And, life goes on and on. Weeds at 16,400 ft. teach us that it is great to live and let live.
While I watched those weeds, they did leave me a message home, “We will live with you till the ends of the world. Come friend, walk with me in the snow”.

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