Friday, July 17

"Come and you will see"...

As in all true friendships, Jesus was a little perplexed when his disciples asked him, “Where do you stay?” In other words, his disciples were saying: “Tell us more about who you are” (John 1: 35-42). Jesus took them up on their inquisitive desire and invited them to spend more time with him: “Come and you will see”. That was a challenging invitation Jesus was making to his disciples around him. That is a challenging invitation Jesus is making to his disciples today!

The invitation “Come and you will see”, goes beyond the circumstantial surroundings of an evening talks that Jesus held with his disciples. ‘Come and you will see’ was a perpetual calling to know the goodness and the beauty of who the Master was. This invitation not only challenges me, but also burdens me. Why? Because, that is a lifelong invitation to go and see where my faith meets her Master.
.... Photo Location : Roopkund, at Himalayas ...

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