Sunday, March 21

Glimpses of Glory...

One of the joys of climbing high is the joy of look down upon the vista around. Then, as we look up from that vantage position, there is the majesty of the rolling skies...the splendour of ‘on top of the world’ feeling and the feel good factor of our position on earth.

Holy Bible says that, ‘the whole earth is full of God’s glory’. But then, the morning news tells us that there is a struggle between the Glory and the Evil. However, life on earth is made possible only because the Glory supersedes the Evil... the Sun over Darkness and the good over bad.

It is a great joy to feel and envelope oneself with the glimpses of Glory in the very act of God called creation. Most times I love to bask myself all around creation with a deep sense of God. In any trek, in any walk with nature, it is an occasion to reemphasise my beliefs that the grandeur of the mountains, the deep blue sky all around, the cool clean air, the blades of grass, millions of wild flowers in bloom, a little warmth of the sun here and there, the beaches, the surf and the sea is all over flowing with God’s glory.

Glimpses of Glory enable us to know God with heart-knowledge that will help us to delight in him. Evil will always be overtaken by the Glory. And, creation will inch to God’s destiny.

*** Photo: Himalayan sky, on the way down from Roopkund

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