Friday, April 2

Being wrong and staying wrong...

Recently I found Mark Minervini, a world famed stock trader, saying thus: “Being wrong is acceptable, but staying wrong is totally unacceptable. Being wrong is not a choice, but staying wrong is.”
Above quotation keeps me thinking if I have remained wrong in any corner of my choices too long in life. Be it in the stocks or in the bedroom, I have made selections that has totally gone wrong. But the real damage has happened only when I have stayed put wrong. Having fully understood that I am being wrong, why have I stayed wrong too long? This question is worth answering. 

There is always an element of ‘pride’ in my choices and I wouldn’t like to come out of that, telling the world if I have missed the mark. The immediate question that surfaces is, “Oh! What will the world think of me!”
The real fun is that the world doesn’t really think of anyone! I have understood that the world is too selfish and too busy to think of others. Hence, who will be bothered if the next door neighbour makes a mistake or if he loses his gold for copper! 

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