Saturday, June 5

...all about this whale.

“...A day will come at Sea when ye smell land where there be no land, and on that day, Ahab will go to his grave, but he will rise again and beckon, and all, all – all save one – shall follow.”
--- Herman Melville, Moby Dick
The above quotation from the immortal American Classic reminds me of the all-dynamic change that is ever happening in the living universe.  Sometimes, as we travel through an old alley we quickly quietly tell ourselves, “Oh! I cannot recognize anything here. Everything has changed!” That is the law of the universe. Men build homes and towns only to bring them down and then to build them again...and again and it goes on and on.  
Herman Melville may like to dream of a Moby Dick that will never change... a Moby Dick that will rule the seas for a million years...a Moby Dick that is aggressive yet enigmatic ....a Moby Dick that will never heed to the call of anyone. I too want to dream a dream of that sought. 
They say there is so much romance in everything old : the vintage, the heritage, the traditional, the classic... and I love them all. The old hand-written letters that has travelled seas, the classic postage cancellations that have gone through war zones, the old songs and the poems, the gray and B&W photographs that has frozen in time and place...and my list goes on and on. 
It was about this whale... all about this whale....and, today I beckon my soul to thread a soft path through ages passed and lives lived. For a moment I wish to go into them. Then I will glorify God for all He is in my past, present and future. 

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