Monday, July 5

Stone Bench and the Esplanade...

There is a little stone bench on this esplanade.  And I sit on my bench to watch people walk their way. There might be different reasons for people to walk: some for recreation, some for livelihood, some  for shedding that extra weight and some for keeping their hearts young. Sitting on the bench by the esplanade, I love to watch them walk... walk their daily dose of destiny.
Today it is all different. The esplanade is all-empty. The sun has just risen and she does not seem to take notice of the empty walk-way....She cannot wait to see if people would walk, talk, laugh or cry before giving light and heat to everyone alike.  She has been shedding light for a million years and has seen many walk their own way. So, today too is just another day.
A stone bench and an empty esplanade has more to tell me as I sit and wait to see people walk. I see some stride, others pace while many tramp. What difference does it makes if all reach the same place by this esplanade at their own very style and pace? Life would be too uninspiring if all of us walk this esplanade in the same style and for the same reason! Life means one thing to some and some things to others. It cannot mean one thing to all.
The little stone bench and the esplanade will tell me more as I sit to watch people walk...I must listen, I must learn, I must write and I too must keep walking my esplanade and more. 


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