Tuesday, August 10

Meaningful living...

Our life , as individual persons and as members of a perplexed and struggling race, proves us with the evidence that it must have meaning. Part of the meaning still escapes us. Yet our purpose in life is to discover this meaning, and live according to it. We have, therefore, sometimes to life for. The process of living, of growing up, and becoming a person, is precisely the gradually increasing awareness of what that something is. This is a difficult task, for many reasons’..... Thomas Merton, (‘No Man is an Island’). 

 One of the trickiest actions that I face in my life is to examine if I am having a meaningful living. My life is mine. It should give me meaning. My conscience, my attire, my words and my actions and my prayers all must point to what I am. My life cannot be a game under a mask.  The basic need of living is that, it must have a meaning... a simple meaning. Nevertheless, tell me, what is this ‘meaning’ all about?  It is so cruel that in the process of discovering the meaning of life, many cheat themselves. Drug addiction or suicide, tramping or over indulgence in materialism, immorality or lose of self-respect ...it is all a part of meaning that escapes us.

But, can I discover myself ? Can I individually find a way to my own self-realisation? Am I particular that my loved members in this world-family find true meaning for their own existence? Or, can I let them go to themselves.  

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