Friday, August 6

the sacredness of solitude...

The tranquillity of empty spaces surprises me. They tell me more about inward solitude that one seeks.

Solitude gives anyone a platform to look beyond himself. It helps us to  see our inner world as it is. It helps us to look out to the outer world deep from our inner resources.  In that aspect, empty churches, empty mountains or empty streets... all of them attract me most.
Last week, I was in an empty chapel by a seaside. Rejected and broken down, this old place of worship and her premises were feared by the local people. Adding to their fear was an ancient Christian cemetery adjacent to this ruin. Totally abandoned over a century, this place was shunned by anyone with a little breath! Then suddenly, all of this fell into the hands of a group of restorers.  Today, having gained her former glory and kissed by the sea wind, the chapel stands facing the sea.  Absolutely tranquil, it speaks no words...and is all filled with the sacredness of solitude. The gothic arches in complex propositions and Celtic crosses all around tell me from afar that it is of pure occidental origin. 

For solitude, there is no design. The empty space speaks of no direction. It only reinforces our efforts to spend little moments of our life in recollection and self-searching. This is the sacredness of solitude all about. 

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