Thursday, August 19

...a talk to my best friend.

Discouragement is one great of a problem that I see here and there.... and sometimes in me.  The world ‘discourage’ when dissected becomes ‘dis’ and ‘courage’.  But the profundity of the problem runs much deeper than a lack of courage. Beyond affecting the ‘courage’ side of our personality, it runs deeper: Like a cancer, it just sucks away the vary ability to survive. I know that discouragement will just shutoff people from their world: they will not wish to face people and will stop all communications. They even put themselves off the world....they commit suicide!  

Recently I came across a brilliant manner in which one can contain discouragement. Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones, at one time the greatest heart surgeon in England, says about this in his excellent work, Spiritual Depression, It's Cause and Cure:
 "Most of your unhappiness in life is due to the fact that you are listening to yourself  rather than talking to yourself."
 Think about it: When I  am discouraged, I wake up in the morning and right away, there are streams of thought coming into my mind. I never invited them; I didn't even ask for them; I am not consciously doing anything to produce them...still they just come and start talking to me. That is bad!  I know that most of these discouraging thoughts that come to me are not dialogues... they are monologues. Hence, I got to beak it. Dr. Martin Lloyd’s teaching to talk to oneself is of paramount importance to tackle discouragement. Talk back to your heart positive words, talk back happiness, talk back about the good things in life, talk back about the blessings God has showered , and talk back about a great step that will be taken today... then the negative monologues that pop out of our heart will soon stop and there will be streams in the  wilderness. 

Isn't my heart the best friend that I can talk with? 


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