Wednesday, September 29

In a small pond, a frog, squatting on a lily pad,
listened attentively
as an angel described the glories of heaven.
At the end of the discourse
the frog asked,"Is it something like mud?"
- Anonymous

I think one of the most important aspects of humans is the fact that we can relate to only what we see, hear and touch. Can we really relate to anything beyond our world and our experiences? Is it hypocrisy to do so? A snow leopard in the snow and a bull-frog in the mud... they can see the world only through their environment. Neil Armstrong, during his Apollo11 mission said that earth looks so beautiful from moon. Staying at earth, from his own hometown he could not say so! As a human, I can never relate fully to other’s life and situations.
Faith calls for a different experience. One requires a faith-vision to see and empathize with others. 

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