Monday, November 1

...the flower

I find it good just to let my gaze wander, without any concern for time and without any attempt to force concentration. Gradually one part of the mountain terrain catches my attention...or a lone fellow trekker trekking far away, or a strange looking rock. My scattered thoughts come to focus on a single experience and then drive deeper and deeper into that one reality... to glimpse the universe in a grain of sand.

Oftentimes, the result is that some small wild flower or a leaf at my feet (that I had not even noticed before) absorbs my attention. The flower, standing all alone looks so cut off... so deserted. I suddenly wants to adopt her...and be her Godfather... I tell her, “ Yes, I have noticed your beauty and pride.”

I wonder if this is the best manner to place my hands on her shoulders!!  
I am at peace!  


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