Friday, December 3

... spirit of mountain and the mule!

... to celebrate her destiny !
Each time I come across carcass on a mountain, I am awfully reminded of mortality. True, I need not climb a mountain to realize that earth is a transient and life glimpses away in the flicker of time. But then, as any of my treks proceeds in a jubilant mood, striking a skeleton  makes me think of death.

... the mountain is stoic and silent !

I think it is glorious for a mule to pass away on a mountain. It is her ‘karma boomi’ and it is a rightful place for her as the final resting place. (To celebrate her destiny, I got a ‘click’ done with her).

... the mule!
I think, mountain, man and the mule is a theme that cannot be separated. Mules are silent and obedient to their masters. They are tough and yet has simple living. Mountains too are muted and are silent. It takes a wind for mountain to whistle. Unmoved by joy or grief, mountains are stoic.  Man is the only creature that contains a different spirit. Moreover, it is we alone who contemplates on life and is we alone who gossip and make war to make peace.  Muffled by our cacophony living, sometimes it is difficult to see the spirit of the mountain and the mule in any human!

... the man!

Some of the photos were done by my friend 'UC'
Location: Hampta trek

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