Sunday, February 20

My friends...

Pets provide me warmth and acceptance. They are my friends. One of the most remarkable aspects of pets is that they give “unconditional” love.  I really do not believe that their reaction to our presence is “unconditional”. For example, my pet would wag her tail more enthusiastically if she notices the small gift for her in my hand. Nevertheless, how innocent they are: they are only asking for a little bit of hand out for all the love they share with us! 

In a lonely house, I know of a widower who lives all by his German shepherd. He tells me that his friend gives him companionship and diminishes his loneliness and anxiety. How true I thought his statement was. Doctors have ample data to show that animals lessen feelings of anger, frustration and aggression among their keepers.

In the book ‘Dog Stories’, there is a lovely narrative of a widow who lives with her Scottish terrier. She loves him so much that any visitor to her house should also talk to her terrier. She would be upset if the visitor goes away ignoring her pet. Moreover, she would be glad if the visitor were to send her terrier a Christmas Greeting! 

Cajoling my furry pet is indeed a great unwinding process after a busy and tiresome business day. Seeing her master, she is thrilled and runs about. She dashes all over the house. Running after her and holding her close is an act I love. She will occupy my lap as if I am her sole possession. I enjoy those moments and I know it gives me a comfort not found elsewhere.

I find it comfortable to look at an aquarium for hours and hours. I do not know of the time that flies by, as I watch the lazy goldfishes swim. “Beautiful isn’t it?”, I’ll ask myself.

Stamps: From personal collection (Animal Assisted Therapy...Full Set, Israel, 2009)

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